Friday, June 18, 2010

Blackberry or iPhone?

For the past few years, my husband has had a Blackberry for work. A few months ago, he bought me an iPhone.

We have been amazed at the differences between these two very similar communication devices.

For example, with the Blackberry, CapableDad feels like he must always be in touch. People can reach him anytime, day or night and even on the weekends. To him, the Blackberry is like a ball and chain.

With the iPhone, on the other hand, I feel like I can always be in touch. I don't have to worry about missing a message anytime, day or night and even on the weekends. To me, the iPhone gives me great freedom.

With the Blackberry, CapableDad dreads its ringing to alert him of a phone call or the buzz of another e-mail. He feels like he has to respond immediately.

On the other hand, with the iPhone, I love the ringing to alert me of a phone call or the buzz of another e-mail. I love the fact I can respond immediately.

When we are on a trip, CapableDad can never escape knowing what is going on back at the office because of his Blackberry. He is aware of all of the latest news.

With the iPhone, when we are on a trip, I don't ever have to wonder what is going on back home with my friends and family. I'm always aware of all of the latest news.

So, clearly, it's plain to see that the iPhone is FAR superior to the Blackberry.

What do you think? Do you have either an iPhone or a Blackberry? Which one do you prefer? Or maybe I should ask: Are you more like CapableDad or more like me?

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Super baby

She looks so innocent with her bald head, big blue eyes and 14-pound body.

But we are starting to learn just how determined our little 6-month-old can be. This girl could take some medals in the Baby Olympics.

She would certainly earn a gold for her Houdini skills at escaping anything with buckles. She can flip herself upside down and twist and turn to climb out of the bouncy seat, baby carrier and swing. She has moved up, out and on.

Now, she crawls. She can get herself into a sitting position. She can push herself up so she's balanced on her hands and feet with her bottom straight up in the air.

At the same time, she is amazingly happy and content. She could be the keynote speaker at a baby convention on the topic of how to be a good baby.

She could travel the world informing other babies of how to fall asleep in the stroller when older siblings want to spend four hours a day at the pool. She could write a book about staying out way later than a baby should and not making a peep. As long as her mama is willing to hold her, she can sit quietly through cook-outs, picnics and any other outings her brothers and sisters want to attend.

She also has mastered the art of getting five other people to stop whatever they are doing and watch her like she's a TV show. She hits a button to play the "Old MacDonald" song on her toy, and suddenly three children and one (female) adult are dancing and singing along. She wakes up from a nap and the whole family is waiting to get on the floor with her and play.

Oh, yes. She's super baby. And we are crazy about her.

Here she is in action:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Well, Hello!

Hello, Dear Blog,

I've missed you!

I don't think I've ever gone this long before without blogging. Thank you to those of you who have e-mailed to ask if I am still living. I know it probably seems that I was so devastated by the end of Lost that I just gave up on life all together.

Actually, that is far from the truth. I have been busier than ever these past few weeks, and I just haven't been able to take a break long enough to update my blog.

We finished school. We've been running around from parks to bike paths to swimming pools. And. I got a job.

I accepted a part-time position as the communication director for my church. I actually get paid to blog, go on Facebook, create visuals, update our web site and just generally "communicate". I have been spending most of my spare moments getting our brand new web site ready to launch in about a week.

I feel so blessed to be able to use my gifts and all of the things I naturally love to do to serve God and spread the message of our church. Plus, I get to work from home. And they pay me. I know. Crazy.

So, that's where I've been. I will pass along the link when the web site is complete.

Hopefully, I will get back in my blogging rhythm again soon. I've missed all of you!

So, what's everyone else been up to the past few weeks?

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