Friday, July 9, 2010

The hill









What do you love most about summer?


A Musing Mom said...

I love hanging out at the pool with friends, having friends over to barbeque and starting my days a little more slowly.

My own blog post today had been floating around in my head for a week and your photo reminded me of it. I do think we're about to hit the top the the hill for summer in the next day or two and sometime next week will start that downhill roll.

everydayMOM said...

Hey Lara, I realized from your comment here and another on Facebook that it seemed like I was making a statement about summer "flying by". It DOES seem that way now that I look at my post again!

Really, I'm just posting photos of things we love about summer. Sort of like the old "Happiness is..." sayings from when WE were kids... OH SOOOO long ago!

Looking forward to reading your blog post! :)

Jane Anne said...

I love popsicle season! I also love slowing down and hanging out around the house without very many commitments.

cindy said...

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momneverstops said...

I run a home daycare and love going to the parks and beach to play in the sand with the kids. The creations they make are awesome!

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